Patience My Dear

I feel like my plants are not big enough for May.


I need to remind myself that I live Pennsylvania.


And I do not have a green house.


And I do not have genetically modified super seeds or plants.


I just have my plain little seeds with soil and water.


Once in perspective, they are doing quite well.


They are certainly growing faster than they were just a few short weeks ago when it was in the 60’s every day.  Now they get the glorious 70’s.  They were are a good time (or so I’ve been told).


And I do have to remember that they started like this, this, this and this. 🙂

garden boxes

So I am happy.  Each night I see their progress and dig my hands in the horse poo dirt from down the road.  Any stress from the day melts away and all is right in the world.  Just me and my little plants.

Do you garden?  Do you prefer flowers or veggies?  Or is gardening more work than pleasure for you?


3 Comments to “Patience My Dear”

  1. I’m envious of your garden! I would definitely plant vegetables if I had one. I love the picture that you wrote pre-pesto.
    Off topic question – Are you using a blogging software??

  2. At this point I am using the free version of wordpress. Eventually I would like to upgrade so I can customize more, but I’m still learning. 🙂

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