Goals Take Time

Changes don’t happen overnight.  If they were that easy we would have made them long ago.  It’s been a week since I set my May goals.  Not long, but it’s important to re-evaluate.

1.  Water Goal:

I think I’ m doing pretty darn well with this one.  I’m making sure to have a water bottle with me at most times and making sure it’s filled!  As long as that’s done I sip all day.  I’ve also been consciously choosing to have water with dinner.  I make sure I finish my whole glass before I get up from the table.  To make water drinking more fun I have been using squeezes of lemon and lime.  So refreshing.  I’ve also put this lovely note on my calendar at work to remind me to fill up my water bottle!  It seems to be helping.  I even made sure I went to refill my cup before I started this post!

2.  Yoga Goal

I’m not doing well with this one and it all has to do with planning.  If I don’t schedule exercise it does not happen.  It doesn’t even enter my mind that it’s something I need to do in an evening.  The evening list is always long…clean, cook, garden, read, spend time with friends and family.  Yoga should be a priority and a no brainer to fit it in.  But if it was I wouldn’t have this goal.  So long story short, I didn’t do yoga once last week.  I basically forgot entirely about it.  So this week it’s scheduled.  Goal is for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Luckily there isn’t much else on the calendar for the week, so I have no excuses.  So if I come back next week and tell you that I didn’t do it…you should all yell at me!  And here’s my lovely planner, with my yoga days marked, and a nice little reminder to stay home on Saturday, because I deserve some time to relax!  🙂

And now a little quote from Sass, RD; to prove that I’m human to!  I actually sent this to Steve in an email today without realizing the humor in it.  I was totally serious. 

Today I ate most of the marshmallows out of the lucky charms.  Do they sell just the freeze-dried marshmallows?  Cause I would buy them.


How do you help yourself meet your goals?  Do you use sticky note reminders, scheduling, friends, or other support systems?



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