Practicing What You Preach

Now this is a healthy plate.  It’s exactly what I teach my clients that their plate should look like.  One half veggies, one-quarter whole grains, and one-quarter lean meat.  I GOT IT!  (comment it you ever played the game I Got It at a fair) Open-mouthed smile


I really do try to make my plate look like this every night, but no one’s perfect.  Sometimes it is definitely lopsided usually on the side of carbohydrates.  But at least they’re almost always whole grains!

Salads are the easiest way to make a perfect your plate.  I like to put the salad on first so I only leave so much space for the other parts of the meal.  But then sometimes I just build up, like this meal, that I just piled on the leftover wheat berries.  Oh bother.


On the side of my gigantic salad…wait for it…is


Now before you get your panties in a twist let me give you the background.  As you probably already know we belong to the Yeehaw farm CSA.  This means we get fresh, grass-fed, free range, family raised meats.  It also means we get what we get.  Because Tom and Judi are awesome, we can tell them what we really like or what we would prefer, but in the end we get what they have.  Since this is a totally new experience for us, we didn’t want to eliminate anything from the get go.  We wanted to have open minds and try new things.

Back in February, our first month in the CSA, we got veal cutlets.  They came with this note:

Veal is one of those taboo meats, but rest assured that our veal was able to run out on pasture in the sunshine, received lots of love from our children, and were bottle fed with our own milk from our milk cows.

This made me feel better.  So while I ate this meal, and felt slightly guilty, I thought of this note.

All in all I honestly didn’t love the taste.  It tasted like a cross between beef and pork.  It  was a little chewy, but maybe this was my cooking method.  We made Marsala; it was breaded and cooked with mushrooms and a little wine.  If we get more in another share I plan to try veal parmigiana.  I always want to give it a second chance, just to be sure it wasn’t me.  Worked out for the free range chicken in the end.

We also already got ground veal which I plan to include in meatballs with beef and turkey.  Can’t wait for these!  I’ll keep you posted on the other trials.

If these don’t go well, I’ll ask that we not get anymore in our share.  No need to eat a controversial meat if I don’t really enjoy it.

Do you avoid meats or other foods because they are considered taboo?  Or if you like questions on a lighter note…do you like playing the game taboo?


One Comment to “Practicing What You Preach”

  1. I don’t really avoid any foods except for ones I just don’t like the taste of (mostly what I called “the chinese food vegetables” – mushrooms, baby corn, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots). I don’t eat a ton of pork and red meat just because I don’t prefer it, but I’ve got no issues with it! 🙂

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