Warm and Fuzzy

It was a good day.  Productive at work and fun at home.  And perfect weather just to top it off.


Tonight was the kayak on the cars love fest trial.  Don’t they look like they are on a date?

All I care about is that it worked!  We even took them for a test drive around town, just to make sure they were secure.  The only down side is that the wind blowing over Snappy makes it sound like I’m in an airplane taking off.  Luckily we are surrounded by lakes, creeks, and a river and our drive will never be long!


The cars are packed and ready with our oars and life jackets for the official launching of Snappy and Eeyore.  Our boating dinner is prepared for our first meal on the water.  On the menu:  PB&J, Sour Cream and Onion Pringles, apples, and baby carrots.

DSC_0007 (2)

More warm fuzziness, meat delivery!  Our Yeehaw CSA (Judi and Tom) are so generous!  Despite paying for 10 pounds of meat, we always get more.  This month we got 20 pounds AND 2 dozen eggs.  I’m in heaven.  We cannot even come close to eating all this meat, but I am happy to give some to family or cook some for friends.  Everyone deserves to taste the difference of farm fresh pastured meats.


And the icing on the cake of the day, church-made peanut butter egg.  I thought Cadbury eggs were my biggest weakness this time of year.  I was wrong.  So wrong.



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