Keepin’ the Faith

One perk to business travel is coming home to see your seeds have sprouted!  Finally the peppers are here!  It only took them almost month to germinate.  I must admit I did not have much faith during this last week, but they proved me wrong.  Black cherry tomatoes have also popped up quickly!

pepper tomato

Lots of little onion stems have peeked through in the last few days.  I really can’t believe all the produce we could have if all continues to go well.


Chard is the star of the growing show these days.

Mia knocked the chard off the windowsill and spilled the dirt and seeds all over the floor.  Sad smile

I scooped it back up into ripped peat pots and it’s like it never happened.  Beautiful new red stems keep showing their face every day.  Smile


And then there’s the mint.  I didn’t start this from seed.  It was around from last year, but ailing over the winter.  I always heard that mint is hearty and can even take over your garden completely.  So I chopped it off and let it be.  Back with full force this spring.  This little mojito maker will be staying in a pot for the summer!


Herby update…doing well.  Parsley and chives are the tallest.

parsley chives

The newest seeds making me wait these days, beefsteak tomatoes and celery.  Hopefully I’ll be updating you on their appearance soon!

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  1. Bum bum, bum bum bum, bum bum bum, ba da bum…

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