Insert Inappropriate Title Here

Tonight I ate at the Back Door Cafe.  I could not come up with a title involving back door that was even remotely appropriate.  The best I can think of is referencing the backside attack…even more inappropriate sounding, even though it’s an organic chemistry term.  But then o-chem probably makes you want to cringe!  So now I’m going to move on…

Back Door Cafe was an adorable little restaurant owned by a couple in Johnstown.  I found it in a google search and was excited to see their proclamation to use as much local food as possible.  A go to place in my mind.

I started with a Sam Adams Noble Pils.  Crisp, light, and refreshing.  Definitely went with my meal and in my opinion was light enough to go with just about anything.

For dinner I had half of a local chicken seasoned with pine nuts and tomato; savory and tender.  On the side was multigrain pilaf which was composed of quinoa, wild and white rice, and shallots; nutty and delicious.  And last but not least were globe carrots in  dill-lemon butter.  Crunchy and fresh.

I topped it off with a Berry Moscato Tira Misu…mmm mmm good.  It was a sponge cake moistened with Moscato wine and layered with raspberries, blueberries, and mascarpone whipped cream.  Hit the spot.

Leisurely dinners with good conversation are such a joy.  Especially when they are a week night treat.  Hard to believe it’s a Tuesday!  But that means I’m off to bed enjoy my gardening magazine and then hit the hay!  Good night!

What do you do to spice up your week nights sometimes?


One Comment to “Insert Inappropriate Title Here”

  1. Glass of wine = exciting weeknight!

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