Weekend Recap

Hello Spring!  Spring came with the official date and with the beautiful weather this past weekend.  Steaks grilled, daffodils bloomed, marshmallows roasted over a fire, kayaks “floated,” and crisp white pain adorned mailbox posts!  It was busy busy, but oh so enjoyable!

Unseasonably warm day on Friday (83 degrees = CRAZY) means the grill and patio furniture came out of hibernation.  I sautéed rainbow peppers and pierogies in farm fresh butter in a cast iron skillet.  Cast iron skillet and farm fresh butter…was I born in the wrong time period?  And Steve grilled a Yeehaw farm steak.

Saturday morning Steve’s parents were visiting and were so nice as to help us with a little pick-up…

…our kayaks!  We thought the grass would really be the easiest place to get comfortable in them.  Stylish, right?

The biggest accomplishment of the weekend was the mailbox.  Last year we had bought the supplies to completely revamp it so it fit our cottage style, but we never had the time to do it!  So it was first on the list this year.  Here’s the before…a boring old mailbox with no charm or style.

Here’s our charming after that we are endlessly proud of.  Don’t you just love projects that you can start and completely finish in one day or less?  Gives us a sense of accomplishment!  All we did was paint the post a crisp glossy white, spray paint the brass numbers black, and mount the new little house.  We also lopped off the top of the post in hopes to put a solar-powered light on it.  However, they seem to be getting bad reviews online so we are now opting for something decorative.  Maybe a cute little bird from etsy?

What fun things did you do over the weekend?  Does anyone else love productive weekends as much as I do?


One Comment to “Weekend Recap”

  1. I looove the idea of putting the bird on your mailbox! Very cute! 🙂

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