Produce Pile

Tonight the goal was to use all most of the veggies we had in the fridge.  They were verging on going bad and I DO NOT waste my fresh produce!  Usually we eat it so fast I feel like I blink and I’m heading back to the grocery store to restock.  But with the little stomach issues I’ve been having I haven’t eaten much at all in the last 4 days.  But tonight that changed.


I piled on the Spinach, Butter Lettuce, Carrots, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Button Mushrooms, and Cucumbers.


Topped with a cheddar cheese sprinkle and leftover turkey salad from work.  Yeah free food!  It’s got dried cranberries, onion, celery, mayo, and apple butter.  The apple butter gives it a sweet twist that makes people ask, what’s in this?


Served with a side of calcium and a toasted pancake.

What do you pile on your salad to empty your crisper drawer?


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