Seedy Update

New to the growing flats (empty liter box, under the bed tote, plate and a casserole dish):

Tomatoes:  Beefsteak and Black Cherry

beef tomato

Multicolored chard.  Taste the rainbow!


Onions.  I’m not sure how the seeds will go, but if they are a flop I’ll be purchasing baby bulbs to start later.  But lets not assume it will flop for now and watch the seeds grow!


Celery.  A tough grow from what I’ve read, but worth a shot.  I’m always up for a challenge.


And now the more exciting part, the seeds that have sprouted!  Most of them are coming along right on schedule.

New to the sprouted club is basil.  Just teeny tiny specks, but I wouldn’t miss them.  I carefully inspect my peat pots daily.  The joy of the whole process is seeing the new growth.  It continues to amaze me what comes from a seed.


And here is parsley.  Also quite small, but definitely there.


And the chives are getting tall; they are probably about 2 inches already.

chives sprouts

The oregano is really going strong.  Probably the best plant so far.  But it’s not over until it’s over and the other little herbies still have time to catch up.

oregano sprouts

And last of the first round of plants, the peppers.  Still no sprouts there.  I know they are slow to germinate, but come on.  Throw me a bone sprouty here!  But until then, I’ll be here.  Trying to wait patiently.


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