Look What I Got!

I was a BIG night.  I ate my first full meal in days at Isaac’s AND I bought Snappy, full name Snap Pea, my shiny new kayak.  Isn’t she pretty?  The sales man says she’ll be faster than Steve’s kayak, fondly and appropriately named Eeyore’s cloud (it’s blue gray and owned by a man with an Eeyore voice).


And check out the fancy new safety duds!  I actually got yellow so overall I will glow in the dark while kayaking.  And because brighter is almost always better in my mind.


And luckily the warm weather is fast approaching and we’ll soon be able to launch our new toys.  One of our first outings will be a class that the township offers in May on Pinchot Lake.  Can’t wait!

Does anyone else have any special summer activities coming up?


8 Responses to “Look What I Got!”

  1. Ahhh, how cool! I’ve always wanted to do that..but the closest I got to rafting was canooing across a little river with 5 other kids during Summer camp. 😛

  2. Haha! That may be all the experience I have! But last year I moved 1 mile from a river and figured now is the time!

  3. Woah that’s awesome!!!!! And I love Isaac’s… Scarlet Ibis!!! YUM!!!!!! What did you get?

  4. Sorry for all the !!!!’s…I got a little excited…:)

  5. What’s Isaac’s?! Let’s go there next time. Congrats on the kayaks! Chris will be pleased. The three of you will have fun. I’ll be in charge of snacks, beer and fetching you from the creek when you’re done 🙂


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