High Low

Let’s play the high low game!  Why?  Well I was thinking about my day on the treadmill tonight.  And because I’m a nerd I started to classify parts of my day into good and bad.  I don’t think I have ever done this before, but I do believe others do?  And I believe they call it the high low game.  So here we go…


  • I made the worst meal I have ever eaten in my life tonight
    • more on that tomorrow cause I can’t even stomach thinking about it right now
  • my hair was absurdly frizzy from the rain and humidity today
  • in the above bullet point I totally just spelled the word “from” as “frum;” that’s gotta be a low
  • Pitt lost in their first game in the Big East tournament


  • I got to run
  • I set a personal record while running, just 4 seconds better, but hey, better is better
  • I had a record setting number of views on the blog today, YAY
  • my kitty Mia missed me so much today that she insists on sitting on top of me right now
  • work was good, and not super busy
  • my lips are no longer chapped from the winter
  • tomorrow is Friday!

Happy to report my high’s definitely out weigh my lows in quantity and quality.

What were the highs and lows of your day?


6 Comments to “High Low”

  1. Fun!

    -Pitt losing
    -Had a headache most of the afternoon…possibly caffeine related due to not being at work sipping coffee/tea throughout the day

    -Took the day off work to chillax with my sister. Sleeping until 8 = glorious
    -Found adorable seashell salad plates for $1.50 each at a discount store. 🙂

  2. lows:
    – woke up from a dream that I had to leave Florida to go to work/school instead.
    – realization this would be a reality in a few days

    – delicious dinner that my lovely sister made me

  3. So glad you guys got to spend some time together! And that your dinner was better than ours tonight!

  4. Lows:
    -Woke up very hungry
    -Endured a pointless meeting for five hours

    -Hunger ended with delicious Cliff Bar
    -Meeting ended slightly early
    -Chloe’s sister made me a delicious dinner

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