Crafting Party

Saturday night was dedicated to completing the assembly and decoration of a friend’s bridal shower invitations.  The series of events went something like this…


The cracking of 2 Old Forge growlers (Irontown Imperial Lager and Celestial Blonde) and a bottle of red occurred at about 10 PM.


The gluing of sequins began about 11 PM.  Nice job Tara!


And the night ended like this.


Good times with good friends.  Nothing better.

What were you guys up to this weekend?


3 Responses to “Crafting Party”

  1. I’m not sure which is worse — the way my head looks in this picture, or the fact that I was too engrossed in my sequins [my beer] to even realize you were taking these pictures.

  2. Hooray for sequins and beer. They really are a perfect pairing.


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