Living “Flexitarian”

Tonight is a veggie night.  I make an effort to include lots of no meat meals in our week.  I’ve heard this makes me a flexitarian?  But regardless of the label, here’s my logic:

  • Health, obviously.  Lots of vitamins, minerals, good fat, and fiber with less bad fat and overall calories.
  • Time.  I don’t have to remember to defrost meat or prep anything in the morning.
  • Better for the environment.  It’s taxing for the earth to produce all the meat that people expect to eat.  It takes a lot of space, uses a lot of energy, and creates a lot of pollution.
  • Saves money.  Meat is expensive, especially if you are conscious of how your meat is raised and slaughtered (read humane, local, and sustainable).  Eating less means more money to spend on other foods (AKA veggies!) or other fun stuff.
  • It’s nice.  I could never be a complete vegetarian, but animal cruelty is certainly an issue these days.  Killing fewer animals can’t be a bad thing.

Tonight’s main dish comes from a twist on Mark Bittman’s, Rice Pilaf with Apricots, Chickpeas, and Almonds, from The Food Matters Cookbook.  Bittman’s book focuses on making meals that have a vegetable as the main focus (what a concept). The recipes have either no meat or have meat as a side or flavor enhancer.  It’s a great reference for someone transitioning to eating less meat.  I’ve only made a few recipes from it, but so far they’ve all been great!

Well I’m off to watch Grey’s Anatomy and enjoy some Samoas!  Go Girl Scouts!  Hope everyone got out to enjoy the teaser of spring weather today!

Does anyone know other good vegetarian or “flexitarian” cook books?  I’m always looking for help while I’m working toward eating less meat!

Mia is ready to get her drink on!

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